A world without the Superman.


“No protectors here.”


“No ‘Lanterns’.”


“No Kryptonian.”


“This world will fall, like all the others.”

booms the voice of one Steppenwolf, Apokoliptian general and uncle to the powerful Darkseid. With his speech alone the DC extended universe has expanded. In this giant playground they’ve built, we now know the elite Green Lantern Corps exists and are already well known in this universe. Their reveal should happen soon. It took a while, but i think DC has finally caught their footing. Their identity is now set. They know who they are, and what types of films they want to show. On top of the over the top action spectacle, and well intentioned but critically maligned ‘character studies’ they started off with, they’ve now injected some humor and what seems to be a hint of actual story. A winning combination. It just works. I was fully engrossed in this latest trailer, and at no point was i like “urgh, what am I watching?”


In a world without Superman, the criminals come out to play. Starting off with what i think is a clear nod to the beginning of Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ movie, we have what appears to be some sort of heist. But this is just small-scale, we see DC/WB’s new saviour, the current flag of feminism herself, Wonder-Woman easily dispatching of los bandidos. (Not their actual DC name i would think, but spanish sounds really cool when placed at the end of a sentence.)  Whether this incident will have future implications, i doubt it, but hey do your thing, Gal Gadot. From there the large-scale happens. Steppenwolf and his horde of parademons are invading earth and the league needs to stop them. Can they do it? Man did you not see how this dude swung that hammer down like Sauron and destroyed almost everything around him?!?! Lol, i do not see it being easy bro. DC has an epic on their hands. The fate of the earth is on the line and it’s gonna take a lot of heroics. I cannot wait to see how it unfolds.

Favorite parts of the trailer.

1. Alfred’s self-aware remark to Bruce when he says “One misses the days when one’s biggest concern were exploding wind-up penguins.”

2. Flash not getting the memo that you’re supposed to disappear when the police commissioner turns his back. Superhero 101 bro.

3. Flash undervaluing himself and not yet realizing he is one of the most powerful people in DC. “It’s really cool you guys seem ready to do battle & stuff, but i’ve never done battle. I’ve just pushed some people & run away.” I bet Batman will reply with “okay Barry, then just push some people and run away.”

4. DC not completely spoiling the reveal of how Superman will come back from the dead. Subtlety done right.



Comic-Con 2016 (DC Panel)

DC Season approachin’

Comic-Con 2016 is upon us and with that comes very early and exclusive looks at some major tentpoles from the big name studios; WB, Disney, Legendary Pict., Sony, etc. Usually those not in attendance would have to settle for a cam-recorded look at whatever footage was shared with those in attendance in the famous Hall H. But alas, it seems this year DC has gotten tired of their products being leaked out early before they’re ready for general public viewing. The reason being that this early in the game, the effects aren’t where the studio wants them to be but they still want to reward the faithful few who pilgrimaged to San Diego (german for “whale’s v*gina”), with a preview. But if there’s a leak, bad word of mouth could ruin the financial potential of a movie that was never meant to be seen by the public at large in the first place. Which is what happened last year, a crappy version of the suicide squad trailer leaked, and DC/WB taking no chances,  grudgingly uploaded the ‘Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer’ to YouTube, a lot earlier than expected. So as to not have their product judged prematurely and unfairly. Personally I know better than to judge something by it’s unofficial trailer, but i also like getting an early look at titles of interest. It just so happens that i can’t make it to San Diego (german for “whale’s v*gina”). So it was quite the surprise today when i woke up to OFFICIALLY released Justice League and Wonder Woman footage. I really thought it was a hoax, like “oh, maybe what they mean is that some bloke will give a trailer description of the footage that was shown in Hall H.” But nope, WB/DC has released the first official look at the JUSTICE LEAGUE, all in one freaking movie. Without further ado, feast your eyes.


Justice League


and that was not the extent of DC/WB’s generosity. We also have the first trailer for the solo Wonder Woman movie.


Wonder Woman


and lastly, a remixed trailer of old, and new footage of the Suicide Squad movie with the movie’s amazing soundtrack on display. This is looking like it will be the best DC movie yet. The best addition to the new trailer personally, is Captain Boomerang’s dialogue. Seems like the aussie will be hilarious and the comedic gem of this movie. Thank SQUAD the wait is almost over!


Suicide Squad


In summary all these movies seem a lot more fun than BvS was, like this is something you can seriously enjoy with a group of friends. It finally looks like people are having fun making DC movies. Also if you haven’t already, check out the extended version of Batman v Superman, which for me is the definitive version of that movie. Hit us up in  the comment box for any suggestions or questions about the DC Universe or anything we’ve discussed before.

X-Men: Apocalypse Review (very few minor spoilers)

Unpopular opinion: Superhero movie fatigue is real and I’m starting to feel it.

X-Men: Apocalypse is a straightforward affair with very few ambitious attempts to further or develop the  burgeoning (but showing signs of stunting) cinematic universe machine. Something that has become the norm in the genre.

For a movie running 144 slow slogging minutes long, it’s actually quite forgettable… just like the movie’s titular villain and whatever his main goal was. Hollywood it seems has started to run out of ideas of what to do with their super powered folk. They just don’t seem to be able to tell a story without showing us an obscene amount of wanton destruction. By now i’m desensitized to it and it’s becoming a bit awkward because I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore when such scenes appear on the screen. It’s like when people sing Happy Birthday to you and you just have to sit there like an idiot wait until the songs over to say “thank you”.

Magneto and Apocalypse dished out planetary level destruction, and at no point did I think “man this is terrible, look at all this destruction. I sympathize for all these people losing their lives.” Nope. I think it was more along the lines of “wow, that’s a lot of CG this movie is using.” and “I hope this scene will be over soon.” It’s juvenile really and a little disrespectful towards my intellect.

But maybe the kids like it and that’s what they wanna see. I’m sure Hollywood has “focus grouped” the heck out of this. Hey, I hear they’re going take them into space in the next one. That’s something isn’t it, lol. Bucket-list goal: Sit in on a movie pitch meeting.

Curious enough, I think the ‘X-Men’ are in the best hands that they could be in. No, not Charles Xavier, but Bryan Singer. Singer revitalized the series when he was brought back on board after his departure following the second entry ‘X2: X-Men United’  He successfully retconned the future timeline of the series and formally connected it with the past ‘First Class’ timeline in ‘Days of Future Past’ So I was a bit surprised yesterday when ‘Apocalypse’ the movie turned out to be underwhelming. Welp, like the meta-way Sansa Stark pointed out in the movie, “i think we can all agree, the third one always sucks.” I see what you… I credit that to superhero movie fatigue forcing writers to run out of fresh ideas.

If it’s any consolation the performances were pretty good. There were a few subplots worthy of the talent Fox lined up for the movie. Michael Fassbender was great again as Magneto, this time struggling with his faith and what seems to be his curse. Can’t we just let Magneto live a peaceful modest life in the woods with his family, guys!? And of course Jennifer Lawrence delivered. It seems she just can’t stop inspiring dissent and revolutions in her movie franchises, which makes Apocalypse the character a little jelly. The best subplot and one that I feel as a fan Singer really nailed was introducing the young core X-Men. The future leaders and professors at Xavier’s School. It was almost palpable how much he cherished those characters. I respect that and tip my hat off to you, Sir.

As for my man Oscar Issac, I’m glad they hid you behind all that prosthetics and makeup, because for all the good roles you’ve had in recent outings such asEx Machina’ and ‘Force Awakens’, this was a step backwards. Not in your performance, but the character himself was just kind of ‘meh’ and kitschy. Apocalypse on paper sounds like an exciting role but the final product on-screen was anything but.

I think the X-Men work best as a representation and portrayal of discrimination, being different, fitting in, and of course discovering yourself and your inner strength in the midst of all this. Basically coming-of-age teenage years. Going forward I think it would be better to introduce a new young mutant character that manifests a lot of power they can’t control yet, and show the fallout from that. And have the others who have been there before help them out. I think that could work. Enough of the generic ‘big baddie that the group must unite against to fight and stop’ event-movies that keep coming out. Maybe an X-Men TV series isn’t such a bad idea? But at the end of the day it’s a business, and buddy business is a-boomin’

My Rating: 3/5

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Trailer)!

The force is strong with this..


Admit it, Disney has turned STAR WARS gangsta. I mean, my gawwwd. Wow. This looks amazing. Just wonderful visuals. This is so gritty and personal it reminds me of one of The Force Unleashed video games and Battlefront. Just all-out mayhem in NEW Star Wars worlds. It’s so nice to see different Director’s takes on Star Wars. J.J.’s was nice and nostalgic, but this if flat out fresh and re-inventive. As a movie studio, Disney is goals.


Story summary and placement:

Before Episode IV: A New Hope and after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Basically the story follows a group of rebel spies tasked with stealing plans to the original death star! The ones that got ambassador Leia in trouble.

Is there still potential?

A friend of mine recently opened my eyes to where DCEU may be headed story wise, (s/o to JP) and gotta say, I actually think i could be wrong and this dark corner i thought DC  filmed themselves into is actually a cinematic playground with a lot of potential. I haven’t played the game, but i see the similarities between Injustice: God’s Among Us and Batman’s apocalyptic nightmare. But i still stand by my call to have Zack Snyder be involved only as producer and not director of JL: Part One or Two. Snyder has shown time and time again that he cannot handle the subtlety of character. He only knows how to introduce them, not keep them living and breathing.


BvS: Dawn of the DC Cash Grab (spoilers)

Fan-goggles – fictional vision-occluding goggles that keep the impassioned but affable fan from thinking clearly & using logic to see that a massive pile of crap is being formed right before his/her very own eyes. Usually makes the wearer oblivious to cash-grabs.


“I’m not a monster, i’m just ahead of the curve”

Zack Snyder has successfully killed the Superman (not in the cool way the movie would have you believe)…and resurrected his Bizarro version instead (actual DC character for those who don’t know, quick google search). Anyone that knows me, or has read a few of my past articles knows where my heart is when it comes to DC. I love DC. Read a few of the comics, watched a lot of their animated universe, and grew up idolizing a majority of their heroes. The Flash, Static Shock, Batman, Superman, Captain Atom, Jon Stewart’s Green Lantern, Cyborg, Robin and that entire Teen Titans roster. These are characters that I cherish and hold dear. I understand that some people actually liked this movie and didn’t think it was “that bad”. I am not one of them, I did not like this movie at all. I admit I enjoyed a few bits and parts, about a handful, seeing the Flash ripping through space and time to deliver his warning to Bruce Wayne was nice. Besides that, this was one of the worst films I have ever seen especially in the way that it was put together. If we judge this movie simply on it’s merits as a movie, and without the bias of it being a comic book movie then this movie is atrocious. With all due respect to any fans that are still defending this movie, I implore you to stop. You are allowing DC/WB to send us back to the campy nonsensical dark ages of the Joel Schumacher  ‘Batman Forever’ and ‘Batman & Robin’ days.


Admittedly had this been a Marvel movie, I wouldn’t be as high-strung. I couldn’t care any less than I do now what Marvel does with its characters. They could plot-no-jutsu their hearts out and resurrect Coulson after killing him in Avengers and I just wouldn’t care. Heck they could even resurrect Uncle Ben for good in ‘Civil War’ and it would be all good. I’m not passionate about Marvel characters. To all the fanboys that feel like critics are just hating on DC because it’s not Marvel, think. We (lol char: labeled myself as a critic now) are fans just like you, we care about these stories being told, and we just wish the studio that some of y’all are still defending, would do the same.


Respect the source, adapt anew

A friend of mine told me “how could you not like it? It was taken exactly from the comics!” Therein lies the problem with the film Zack Snyder and Co. have given us. It’s one thing to use the source material; that is what we fans want and are always in arms about.To see the big battles we envisioned in the comics and animated shows on the big screen but adapted in a fresh and fitting way. It’s another to take from the source with little understanding and no respect (in the case of Zack Snyder, ‘misunderstanding of the characters and some respect for the source’) and haphazardly copy and paste, then splice a few things together and hope for the best. That is how you get the mess called Batman v Superman (BvS henceforth). BvS uses two of the most iconic and revered story lines of each character. These were supposed to be impactful moments in the characters lives but after my suspension of disbelief was killed by the beginning of the 2nd act, I felt nothing but disbelief. No awe, or joy at what I was seeing. Just disbelief that this was how WB/DC decided to play their hand at the cinematic universe game.


In trying to figure out what the heart of those stories were and how best to put them on screen, Zack and Co. started out with good intention, but ended up plastering Batman and Superman’s most famous stories onto the big screen in an unrecognizable form. DC just threw anything at the screen because it worked in the comics without giving it more thought. Why did it work in the comics? What is the significance of that particular story? How do we maintain it’s integrity? Instead you forced pieces into a puzzle that didn’t fit, and when a new problem arose from this attempt, you stuffed another piece on top to hide your mess. Your narrative was ambitious but ultimately fell flat and took a back seat to spectacle. You abused plot device for the sake of plot. The actions of your character’s made little or no sense at all. And you crammed way too many characters in to one movie whom with a little more investment might have had a more meaningful role. Also it seems you have no qualms with killing secondary characters. Such that the character of Mercy Graves was was completely wasted all to advance a plot thread that no one really cared about. By the time ‘Justice League Part Two’arrives, the DCEU will be composed strictly of superheroes and villains, no normal people left for these gods to interact with it seems.


All of these concerns have been raised by other people, but why are your Superman and Batman so dang gullible? Why is Lois always in the middle of the action? How haven’t people not named Lex figured it out that Superman has a thing for Lois Lane? Why exactly do Lois and Clark love each other? With the universe you’ve established, other than the fact that she’s one of the only people who knows his secret, they have no chemistry. Though you did sprinkle some intriguing ideas into the movie. I particularly enjoyed Lex Luthor’s ‘angels and demons’ painting and why he felt it was best left upside down. That was interesting. Also seeing the destruction of Metropolis from Bruce Wayne’s perspective was a nice touch. It was all wasted in the 2nd half of the movie though when things became super-campy and happened for the sake of happening. No logical explanation why, but “come on, just go along with it!” In case you were wondering I didn’t. I ended up being sour at this point. Couldn’t believe how bad this movie was.


Nothing was organic anymore, just pure plot-no-jutsu. A giant leap backwards in terms of the quality of DC Movies. It became a brainless smash-em-up. It ventured into Transformers: Whatever the New One is Called-territory. Even the now heralded Wonder Woman scene is ruined  because of everything that followed and preceded it. I only remember that one seductive look Gal Gadot gave when she was knocked down, that’s about it. Now to the general audience that has no prior exposure, this might seem alright, and I might just seem extremely nitpicky. But as someone who’s seen it done before, and in a more cerebral and satisfying way, I find it difficult to sit idly and just take this bastardization. For Batman it’s Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns that was chosen, w/c is one of my personal faves, the graphic novel and movie. And for Superman they used the Death of Superman story line (which itself was a cash grab), i’m not really big on Supes in the comics but I still know what Superman represents and respect who he is and who he should be. He’s the big blue boy scout. A constant. Even in Marvel’s sunny universe, or DC’s monochromatic universe, the core of that character is the same. He is someone of sound judgement; a moral example that represents truth, bravery, and all good qualities you can think of. Regardless of whether he was originally intended to be that way, Superman is now/was(thanks Snyder!) an allegory of Jesus, like Aslan (Robot Chicken reference; quick youtube search). One of the best lines in Man of Steel is delivered by Jor-El, Superman’s father when he explains to his son what he hopes he will make of his life…

Now what Zack Snyder has given us, is not Superman. I don’t think he intended to, but he has successfully undone every good that he did in introducing a contemporary Superman that fits this modern time in his prior movie Man of Steel. Instead his version of superman, bootleg-superman, has about as much depth as a pareidolic potato that looks like John Cleese, is impulsive and goes on Sasuke-level soul searches, and acts dumb. Superman is a genius in the comics. Now he’s also someone who is now okay with murder. Big middle finger to you, Jor-El. There was a scene in BvS that I just couldn’t believe. After Lex revealed his master plan on how he was going to force the two heroes to face each other, which was ridiculous, Superman runs into Lois and tells her concerning the Batman/Bruce Wayne; “I have to convince him to help me, or he has to die.” Like what the f…? I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. How are those your only two choices? Why is the latter even an option? Whaaaat?  That was it for me, the fan-goggles were completely off. Have you ever been so shocked, then disappointed for a little bit that you just end up laughing? That was me the rest of the movie. I realized what I was watching was crap, (neatly decorated crap with mediocre visuals at times, but crap nonetheless) and I just laughed the rest of that movie. It was hilarious.


DC has at the time-being abandoned everything Christopher Nolan did for them in establishing a grounded and cerebral comic universe and has gone for the brainless-and-spectacle approach instead. WB/DC tried to make a big deal about how the trailers didn’t spoil the doomsday fight but i disagree. Exactly how the third act played out, is how i predicted it would sans the death of Superman. Which you saw fit to reverse since everyone bought it that your most sacred character really bit the dust #sarcasm. You did surprise me though, I didn’t think it would be as terrible, I thought maybe the big fight might save the movie. Nope, that fight scene was unremarkable. Just a bunch of messy CGI clutter and slow-mo cam. As for their new Batman, i’ll try to keep this short. I like certain aspects. The suit, Ben Affleck’s acting, and the ‘design’ of the Batmobile; it looks terrible in action btw and i’ll explain why. Disclaimer: this is a nitpick. Look upon this scene of Chris Nolan’s batpod in action from The Dark Knight and bask in the magic of practical effects.

Now I know the car chase scene in BvS might not be fresh on your mind still. But if you happen to rewatch BvS, take note of how unrealistic that cgi-filled scene is. That was so bad that if it was placed in 1997’s Batman & Robin, it would fit right in. As for the man himself, Snyder and Co. have perverted the Batman. As much as I was for the fight when i saw the trailers and assumed the reason behind it was as legitimate as Frank Miller’s graphic novel…

“I want you to remember, Clark…in all the years to come…in your most private moments…I want you to remember…my hand…at your throat…I want you to remember…the one man who BEAT you!”

Snyder’s version of that fight was comical, extremely dark (which i’m usually okay with) and revealed something to me. Seeing xenophobic branding-iron Batman pick up a sink, and then a spear to smash and cut Superman was no longer what I wanted to see. These weren’t heroes anymore having a minor disagreement. They were now super powered murderers…in flowing capes. Zack Snyder’s Batman is an invincible video game hack, that somehow still manages to be useless in the final boss battle. Gone are the days of Christian Bale’s human batman. Zack Snyder has effectively killed superheroes in the DC Extended Universe. I expect Flash to pickpocket old ladies because he needs the money to score drugs. No longer do Batman and Superman have moral codes and ideals, but they’re now okay with murdering people. At this rate we won’t be able to distinguish between good and evil come Suicide Squad time.


Stop before it’s too late

This entire exercise felt like self-sabotage brought on by greed. We get it, Marvel makes a lot of money making shared universe movies. Warner Bros.you want a big piece of that pie too and unsurprisingly feel like you deserve it. This is fine…but WB/DC you can’t keep putting out this mediocre work, your fanbase is not juvenile and will wisen up. Don’t think there won’t be consequences in the long run. You will kill the current superhero market. As a fan this is not something I expected to say, but you are bad for business. You’re not reinventing and helping the market grow, you’re just leeching…aggressively. People will stop looking forward to your event movies. My suggestion? Nada, I am not qualified. I just have my opinion, which is that Zack Snyder and his ‘visually-arresting’ self (pfft!) need not be involved as director anymore. I can’t imagine how bad Justice League will be under his helm. Whatever you decide to do, sadly I don’t care anymore. But as a fan of the comics and your past work, Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, I want you to do better. A lot better. You have a plethora of interesting characters in your hands with stories ready to be told. You just have to do it the right way. Don’t worry about playing catch-up to Marvel. They have every right to be ahead at the moment, they started a lot earlier than you. To quote the King of L’s 2015 Meek Mill, “there’s levels to this…” You guys can’t skip levels, bad things happen when you do. Bide your time for a bit and release quality products. Don’t rush man. You guys were the cool kids on the block doing what you needed to do when you needed to do it in 2005-2012. That worked for you. Don’t try to “out-Marvel” Marvel, just do you. Be DC, craft intense story lines that fit your characters. No more forcing things. If you continue with the direction you’re headed in right now, know that i’m NOT coming along. I’ll let Charles Xavier explain…



10 more days.

I cannot believe we are a little over a week away from the release of Batman v Superman. Has it already been three years? The DC Universe is about to EXPLODE, with appearances from Flash, Aquaman, and maybe Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone rumored to be included in the 151 min behemoth along with the confirmed Wonder Woman. Tis’ a good year to be a fanboy. Not to mention the Suicide Squad also dropping later this year. And that’s just on the DC side.

One Punch Man!



The hottest anime of the season is undoubtedly One Punch Man (OPM). A series which follows Saitama, a man professing to be nothing more than “a hero for fun.” It’s hard not to believe him, Saitama is the most average (i’m being generous here) looking hero you will ever see. A friend of mine and I even joked about how he looks like a random anime background character. The kind that’s crudely and hurriedly drawn to make a scene look populated.


Don’t let the way he looks fool you though. This is a classic case of appearance’s being very deceiving. Saitaima is in fact one of the most overpowered (OP) anime characters ever. He is literally a one punch man, that’s usually all it takes for him to end a fight. That shouldn’t deter you from watching. At first I struggled with wrapping my head around how the show would be able to create perilous situations for such an OP hero and have that payoff in the end actually be worthwhile. Then I saw the genius of One Punch Man. It’s not a show centered around powers or abilities (power means nothing if you are the strongest by a looooooooooong mile); it’s centered around moral philosophy. Right and wrong, and the age-old question what really makes someone a hero? Is it something as tangible and empirical, like a Hero Association membership? Or something else, something ethereal? One Punch Man is a parody that successfully uses satire to bring this and a few other questions to the forefront for discussion. In one episode Saitama finds out all of his heroic exploits so far (which include defeating rampaging monsters and saving residents of the city from said monsters), don’t count for s**t because, wait for it, (in true shonen fashion) he’s not “registered with the Hero Association. And any person who’s not registered in the National Superhero Registry is not recognized as a hero and as such is always looked upon as a delusional weirdo, regardless of how many times they save the world.” Hahaha, i died of laughter when I heard this and to this day the mere thought of that scene kills me. Luckily for us Saitama-sensei takes the entrance exam and we get to see how he compares to other entrance-level heroes.I’ll give you a hint…it’s not even close.vlcsnap-2015-12-13-11h59m19s29

OPM is very tongue-in-cheek at times and you don’t know whether to take it seriously or not. Like the time Saitama tells us just how he got so strong (I won’t spoil it for you, you just have to see it for yourself; It’s pure gold!). I’m still a little bit skeptical, but can’t say I haven’t tried to get stronger using the Saitama-sensei method. Hahaha, Genos’ reaction when he found out was priceless. Things like that are what make the show charming for me. That self-aware, sitcom-like humor is refreshing in anime. I think its quite fitting that the writer of OPM (who goes by the pseudonym ONE) describes himself as a manga artist for hobby, because like his creation the one punch man Saitama (who is a hero for fun), he is also exceptionally good at what he does and deserves much more credit and recognition than he gets.



Batman v Superman (Trailer Reaction & Analysis) [Potential Spoilers]

A lot of people have been wondering why these two heroes have to clash. People just don’t get why Batman would have to fight Superman, they’re on the same side aren’t they!? No they are not, at least not yet. Hence the title ‘Dawn of Justice’. The Justice League hasn’t been formed yet. And historically these two heroes have always differed in their methods. The Dark Knight being a little more unforgiving and cruel in how he handles things compared to Superman’s clean-cut, boy scout ways. Batman’s entire persona is molded around instilling fear into his enemies. Superman is a symbol of hope. They’re different as can be.

The Battle of Metropolis

From the trailer we see that Bruce Wayne was not only present, but was also affected by the ‘Black Zero’ event; the battle of Metropolis between Superman and Zod. Wayne Financial tower is destroyed and Bruce Wayne knew people that were in that building. Just who was in the tower is anyone’s guess, but from the looks of it, it was someone close to him. Bruce Wayne was powerless to stop the destruction caused by the Kryptonians.

False God

DC has made a point of making sure their ‘universe’ feels unique, grounded, and actions are not without consequences. People lost family and friends during that battle between the kryptonians. The world has no choice but to hold Superman accountable. The anti-superman sentiment has been one of the running themes of the first two trailers. Human beings historically are often divided when it comes to controversial issues. Some people view Superman as a savior, others a menace; a harbinger of death. Here is where Lex Luthor comes in. It will be Lex Luthor who uses the man of Steel’s public perception against him. How else do you hurt a god raised by humanity? You turn everyone against him.

Lex Luthor and the creation of Doomsday

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is given the spotlight and shows us just how instrumental he will be in orchestrating the conflict between the two heroes, and also fueling the public’s unease against Superman. He’s seen manipulating a scared and frightened female senator played by Holly Hunter. The same senator leading the senate hearing on Superman. One of the most curious scenes of the trailer has Lex standing over a kneeling Superman who somehow looks to be subdued and at the mercy of Luthor. Could this be the work of kryptonite? We do see Lex passionately gazing at some kryptonite in the following scene. Not only will Lex get his hands on Superman’s weakness, but it looks like he will also have the corpse of general Zod too. Rumor has it Lex will create the villain Doomsday while experimenting on Zod’s corpse.

Luthor’s bodyguard Mercy Graves overseeing the delivery of Zod’s corpse.

The Batman

“That’s how it starts…the fever, the rage. The feeling of powerlessness. That turns good men…cruel.” 

From that line, we know what to expect from this version of the Batman. We will witness a cruel and unforgiving vigilante; a seasoned vet that has seen the worst the world has to offer and adjusted accordingly. This will be the “darkest” version of Batman ever put on screen.

Batman has been semi-retired for a while now. The arrival of the kryptonians is what actually makes him don his cape and cowl once again. There are hints that the Batman is carrying a lot of emotional baggage from previous years. Including a showdown with the Joker that might have left his sidekick Robin dead. We see Bruce staring at a Robin costume clearly vandalized by the Joker.That is probably why Jared Leto’s Joker has metal teeth now. Batman probably came close to breaking his one rule that night. That is all speculation of course. Now with the emergence of Superman, he can’t let the alien go unchecked. The death of those in Wayne Tower impacted him greatly and made this personal. He’s becoming even more cruel than usual. He literally wants to destroy Kal-El. Alfred comes to an abandoned Wayne Manor and into the batcave to try and talk some sense to Bruce who is now obsessing with vengeance. He is beyond reason. Superman started the war, and he’s going to finish it.

Wonder Woman

The trailer also gives us our first glimpse at the beautiful Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. When she was initially cast, I had my doubts. But the little we saw of her character was enough for me. The moment i saw her in action blew me away.


I’m excited that we’re finally getting the Justice League on the big screen. I like the direction DC is going in and I think they will really take us to some interesting parts of their universe. Just look at the Suicide Squad, I never would have imagined that it would look so good. Most of those characters are very obscure and the story is quite dark. But DC chose that as the movie to follow ‘BvS: Dawn of Justice’. My trust is with Warner Bros. and DC. This expanding DC Extended Universe as it’s now formally known, is something to get excited about.

Boa Hancock Cosplay & Photoshoot


I stumbled upon this pretty cool Boa Hancock photoshoot video. Thought i’d share it with any fans of the Pirate Empress & Shichibukai.