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How you all doing? I hope you’re well cause I’m certainly not…


I’m just super overwhelmed with work so I figured I’d let those who actually read my posts know, that I’m taking a break from writing up One Piece Reviews and/or any other posts indefinitely!


Kudos to those who said I’d never make it. You win. I couldn’t balance school, anime and the blog so I decided to cut one short.


Hence why I called this post “Update v2.0” because it’s an updated version of the previous one I made regarding the same issue.

However, this doesn’t mean I will completely disappear until then it means I will completely disappear. I will will not be posting cool shit I find and writing up something short to accompany it, but the reviews are taking a backseat until then  actually everything is taking a backseat!

The blog is growing and I want to keep it that way. My ‘Where to Download Anime’ and ‘Hard Knock Days’ posts are doing pretty damn well! So I figured that I’d also do more of those kinds of posts in future as well. Yeah, the very far future though!

So until then my fellow Otaku brethren! I’ll be back soon. Well yeah, no.

Keep watching anime or reading manga.

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One Piece Episode 704 – In Review

ONE PIECEI don’t know about you but I felt that this episode was extremely short?

Episode 704 continues with the backstory of Law and Corazon and gives us a bit more enlightenment on the Ope Ope no Mi devil fruit.

The episode kicks off where we left off last week with Luffy fighting off the Doflamingo clone and a controlled Bellamy, whilst Law fights the real Doflamingo above.

One-Piece-704 One Piece Episode 700 English

83231Luffy realizing that shit is getting real, breaks off the string that Doflamingo used to tie his hands together and gets ready for the counter-attack.

We then switch scenes over to Doflamingo and Law above and it also looks like that fight is about to reach its climax, and thus we shoot back into the past…

One Piece episode 704You know, I’ve grown to like Corazon over the past few episodes. Absolutely nothing like Doflamingo, because he actually cares and you see just how caring he is toward Law. He was so happy when Law called him ‘Cora-san’ – I kept laughing at how he reacted, absolutely hilarious.

Corazon gets a call from Doflamingo about the Ope Ope no Mi devil fruit and how that there’s going to be a trade with the Navy for it. He plans to steal it and give it to Corazon, who is the person he trusts the most. He then goes on to state that the Ope Ope no Mi will be able to cure Law, that Corazon can eat it and then cure Law. So he wanted Corazon and Law to meet up with them before it all went down. However, Corazon had other ideas.

At the same time, the executives realize how quiet it has been and how successful all their pirating was over the past 6 months since Corazon’s absence. They start raising the question of whether Corazon is a traitor, but of course Doflamingo suspiciously disagrees and hopes it isn’t true. He wouldn’t want to get rid of his biological brother. I say suspiciously because, well, I mean it’s obvious. I’m sure as hell that Doflamingo knows…

So Corazon was absolutely ecstatic after hearing about the Ope Ope no Mi because he finally had an idea on its whereabouts. He then explains that he plans to steal the fruit and give it to Law before the whole trade goes down. He was never going to go back to the family because he knew he would get killed cause Doflamingo must have figured it out by now, and the only reason Doflamingo wanted him to eat the fruit was for some other reason. A reason that would obviously only benefit Doflamingo. It has something to do with the user of the Ope Ope no Mi fruit being able to grant someone else immortality in exchange for their life. I think this sounded familiar; I think it was mentioned before somewhere, maybe a spoiler I read perhaps? Most probably.

Side Note: Corazon also explains why he can’t eat the Ope Ope no Mi. He already has a devil fruit power and if you try to eat two devil fruits you will die. However, Doflamingo doesn’t know that Corazon already has a devil fruit power. I think this also confirms the theory surrounding Blackbeard, and how he now has two devil fruit powers. He couldn’t have eaten another devil fruit, he must have stolen Whitebeard’s power in some other way. So we can safely rule out being able to eat two devil fruits. Just mentioning it because I have read fan-made theories surrounding the fact that Blackbeard ate the Gura Gura no Mi devil fruit

Afterward, he makes a call to Sengoku to find out more on the deal. Get a few details about the trade and who’s involved and also to let Sengoku know that Doflamingo knows about it, that he plans to ambush and take the fruit. Sengoku then explains that the deal will take place in 3 weeks in the North Blue and the Navy will take out the Donxiquote family at the same time.

PVS4gLrNNq5jUPMeanwhile, Law randomly collapses after feeling dizzy – most probably due to the white lead disease finally kicking in. He still had more time though; his three years weren’t up yet. Corazon just needed him to make it for another three weeks. Just another three weeks until they get to the location.

Law opened up while he and Corazon were on their way to the location for the deal, about his people and how the Navy and Government knew about the toxicity of the white lead but kept quiet any way. He wanted to know if Corazon knew, since Corazon is part of the Navy. Corazon reassures him that he’s not one of them, that by doing what he plans to do, steal the Ope Ope no Mi – he’s making enemies out of everyone. He and Law will constantly be on the run, but so long as they have each other they’ll be fine.

We also get a bit of context on Corazon’s ability, and I touched on this in my last review post. That he can mute himself and anything he does.

hqdefaultThis is basically how he infiltrated the enemy camp to steal the fruit while he left Law in safety. He literally caught them off-guard, it was so boss because whenever he did something you couldn’t hear anything. Law was wrong about this ability – it’s pretty awesome to be honest!

So Corazon escapes after successfully retrieving the fruit and starts belting it down the mountainside to Law, but on the way there his clumsiness ends up getting the better of him. He trips and falls down and lands in front of the enemy men. What a f*ck up!

He was almost home free! I was so pissed. They never showed what happens after this, he gets caught and multiple gunshots just go off. So I’m assuming he got shot at, multiple times? They kept showing flashbacks of what Corazon said to Law before he ran off to steal the fruit. So before we could get to the part on finding out if Corazon was still alive…


Gotdamn cliffhanger man!

I hate cliffhangers; I could ramble on and on about how much I hate them because they are shit. I did get some closure since I watched the preview at the end but it wasn’t enough.

Next Sunday feels like forever away!

Overall, this episode was great. I can’t wait for 705 next week – I think we’ll need to get some tissues ready because it’s going to be sad one.

Drop a comment down below to let me know what you thought of Episode 704 or like this post if you did – it really helps us out!


One Piece Episode 702 – In Review

ONE PIECE Big reveals in Episode 702 of One Piece!

Law gets a bit more background and we take a couple of steps down memory lane with good ol’ Doflamingo.

A huge chunk of this episode was actually centered on Doflamingo and his stormy past though. So what I’ll do is focus on that first and then tackle the juicy bit of information we find out about Law later on.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead.

As I previously mentioned in my Episode 701 – In Review post, I said Oda-sensei has a knack for revealing to us all the reasons why the villain becomes the villain. He wants us to sympathize (I think)… and being the sucker that I am, I do most of the time.

60592882 BUT…

Not this time! Doflamingo was an ass from the very beginning. His rotten personality only worsened over time. So I can thankfully say that I did not sympathize with him. I don’t condone his actions and I think he deserved it all. I just don’t agree with how the rest of the Donquixote family suffered because their hearts were in the right place.They had the best of intentions but sadly people didn’t see that.

It goes to show how much people really HATE the Celestial Dragons. Celestial Dragons see themselves as higher beings, higher than humans. So naturally they’d treat humans like shit. Little Doflamingo’s personality was that of a typical Celestial Dragon. Go figure…

World_Noble_Infobox You see, when people found out that the Donquixote Family (the Celestial Dragon family, not the pirate one) stepped down and were no longer of status, people felt the need to reciprocate all their pent up anger and frustration toward the former Celestials.

tumblr_nrpqrulPoa1qa0tr9o1_500Because in any event, you can’t harm a Celestial Dragon as they are considered sacrilege and its forbidden by law. Thumbs up if you remember Luffy’s greatness at Saobady Archipelago!

So naturally, if an opportunity such as this arises why not take it? You know. And trust me, people took that opportunity with open arms. The Donquixote were being hunted, and were forced to be on the run constantly.

one piece ep.702 4 Doflamingo’s father failed to understand why the people acted in this way; he continually asked himself why they are treating him and his family in this way when he thought of them as equals.

Donquixote_Homing_Anime_Infobox Whilst on the run, he desperately tried to get back into Mariejois but the other Celestials point blank refused. They felt insulted and basically told him to go f*ck himself.

Okay… they didn’t actually say that but we all know that’s what they meant.

It only got worse from there as Doflamingo’s mother’s health deteriorated to a point where she eventually passed away. All right, that may have been a bit sad? I may have felt something for Doflamingo, may being the operative word.

one piece ep.702 8I think that was the tipping point, I think the Donquixote were too distraught to continue running after that, and so they eventually got caught. Doflamingo’s father also tried pleading with the people to let Doflamingo and his brother go and take him instead, but the people didn’t give two shits!

See what I did there? Two shits? Because two… Doflamingo and Corazon….

No? Oh well… f*ck it!

one_piece_episode_702_trafalgar_law_real_name__by_shadaze_love_xx-d921ljaWe also notice how Doflamingo’s hatred towards his father continually grows throughout this entire ordeal. Seems like it reached rock bottom when his mother died and they eventually got caught. I think this explains why he killed his father, this was mentioned a couple of episodes back. I’m just speculating, as this seems like the most obvious reason. Pretty messed up, but its Doflamingo, what else did you expect, rainbows and happy endings? Nah bro!

maxresdefaultSo that’s it! That was Doflamingo’s scarring past. What made him into what he is today and what gave him the goal of destroying the world etc etc.

Big deal man, you’re just being a little bitch! Get over it and move on. Geez…

Moving on… (a while after Little Law’s assault on Corazon)

maxresdefault (1) Little Law gets called in by Doflamingo and assumes its because he’s in shit due to the Corazon attack. He figures Little Buffalo must have tattled even though Little Law bought off his silence.

He sees Corazon sitting next to Doflamingo as if there’s absolutely nothing wrong and begins to question himself. “Why isn’t Corazon dead?” “I’m pretty sure I killed him.” “ I’m definitely finished now!” “He must have told Doflamingo everything” etc.

Knowing this, Little Law prepares for the worst. Little did he know that Doflamingo actually called him in to invite him into the family because, as I called it in my previous post, he sees potential. Little Law reminds Doflamingo of himself at that age and reminds him of all the shit he himself went through.

unnamedYou see, that right there is bullshit. That really pissed me off! Law’s past and Doflamingo’s past are nothing alike. Law was much worse off; Doflamingo was just a spoiled little troll. I don’t know how he can even begin to think that he experienced the same traumatic experience as Law did. No Doflamingo, no.

(I think you can consider this next part of the episode all rainbows, happy smiles and butterflies because it seemed like it was.)

The episode then continues with Little Law going on missions with his new fam, showing all the good times and how much of a klutz Corazon is.

Which was pretty funny, I wont lie. tumblr_nrq8b4oMUa1ux47d4o1_500

This was about 2 years worth of short clips condensed into 5 minutes. So quite a bit of time had passed and let’s not forget that Law was still sickly. He did get worse over the 2 years; the white spots from the white lead poisoning were gradually spreading over his body. Little Baby 5 notices this and mentions it whilst they were chilling.

During this chilled out session, Baby 5 and Buffalo ask Law to tell them his real full name, cause they told him theirs. Naturally Law refuses, but then ends up telling them anyway because they threatened to tell Doflamingo about the whole Corazon attacking thing.

This was the big reveal I mentioned at the beginning of this post. It was huge!

maxresdefault (2) Law reveals his name to be, Trafalgar D. Water Law!

DUUUUUUUUDE! Law carries the Will of D. Holy shitballs! Holy shitballs! I mean, we all know about the Will of D. It’s such a rarity and to find out Law is also a carrier!

Shit suhn, shit!

Oda-sensei, you continually cease to amaze me man! *Claps hands in a show of praise!

So upon hearing that Law is a carrier of the Will of D (he overheard them talking), Corazon grabs Law randomly, from out of nowhere, and drags him down to a boat. Law thinking it’s because he wants to fight but it’s totally the opposite!

But it was hella serious because…


OnePieceEpisode702 He tells Law that he needs to get the HELL away from Doflamingo immediately! If Doflamingo finds out he’s a D. Law is dead!

Pretty intense stuff so far hey? So, three things here to take away from here:

  • Firstly, Corazon broke his silence. Last time I checked, mutes lack the ability to speak because of a speech disorder. Does this mean willingly chose to not speak or was he faking it?
  • Secondly, he’s helping Law escape. Why? I thought he hated kids, I thought he hated Law? Well, if he really hated Law he would have told Doflamingo that Law attacked him in the first place and not lie about it.
  • Thirdly, why does Doflamingo hate people who carry the Will of D so much?

So of course, knowing all this, I’m over-hyped! Finding out Law is a Will of D carrier, then Corazon breaking his silence and helping Law escape! I really want to know what happens next, now more than ever!

The setup for Episode 703 is absolutely insane and I simply cannot wait for next Sunday!

We’re finally about to find out about the bond that Law cherished ever so much. Are you all just excited as I am? Are you ready for my review on Episode 703?

You also may have noticed that I didn’t mention Doflamingo’s past in the summarized take-away paragraph. It’s because I didn’t care about it. I hate Doflamingo and I’m sure most of you have gathered as much, but no offense directed toward people that did enjoy seeing his stormy past and who do like him his character.

By the way…

How did you feel about his past? Did you sympathize? Did you feel that it’s a good enough reason for him to be the way he is?

Let me know, drop a comment and like this post while you’re at it! Even if it’s not for me, do it to show some One Piece Love, you know you want too!

NOTE: One Piece Episode 703 is scheduled to air on the 2nd of August. So no One Piece on the 26th of July.


One Piece isn’t even close to finishing yet!


I figured that I’d start a new concept on here, and call it “Interesting Find“. Forgive me for the lack of creativity in the name, this isn’t my best day. It’ll probably, no, it will change when I think of something better in due time.

So until then, bare with me.

As the name suggests, I’ll use this to link you guys up with some great reads to articles that I find of interest. I may make a few comments here and there, but the main purpose for this is just to keep you up to speed with the latest news and/or cool stuff on the internet.

So to kick this post off, I recently read this article on Kotaku about One Piece, and how it isn’t anywhere close to ending – which is really great news!

The article talks about an interview with One Piece’s Manga Editor, Suguru Sugita, and about his experiences on working alongside Oda-sensei. Some of the questions pertained to how far One Piece was with regards to story, and whether Oda-sensei sees himself doing another long-form manga.

Personally, I never want it to end, so upon reading this I was ecstatic! Everyone who is a fanboy knows how awesome it is and would share the exact same sentiments. I can also never stop recommending it – do yourself a favor and watch it!

This also reminded me of another post I read, where an interview was held with Oda-sensei himself regarding the exact same topic. He said he had another good 15+ years worth of story in him, so you can imagine how reassuring it is to see more posts about this. If I find it I will link you up to that too.

I look forward to knowing that every Sunday for the next 15+ years there’s a One Piece episode waiting for me to watch!

One Piece Episode 701 – In Review


With all the changes in full affect and my new-found devotion towards the blog, I figured why not bring back those episodic reviews and/or impressions that I did. You know, the ones that I did nearly two odd years ago?

Yeah, those. Thumbs up if you remembered dem sexy episodic reviews and/or impressions that I started and never ever… ever… got back too.

This time I’m going to stick to it. If only I had re-started this on episode 700 of One Piece, it would have been so much cooler. 701 is such a weird ass number to start anything on.

I’m rambling on again aren’t I? Shit, I really need to stop this.

Okay, so with this particular review, I’ll be going in a bit deeper than usual. I felt that it’s necessary because I really enjoyed the inner workings of this story. This review will therefore be a mixture of episode 700 (partly) and 701 so that we kinda have an idea of where we’re going.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead.

All right, here we go!

Episode 701 was truly enjoyable from a critical point of view and sad from an emotional one. Critical in terms of more development on Law and sad because of the tragedy he had gone through.

In all honesty, I was much more excited walking into this episode, little did I know I’d be coming out of this all sad and stuff

Regardless, this was something I’ve been waiting a really long time for and I’m glad it finally came…

Law’s tragic past and his relation to the Donquixote Pirate Family was deep AF and this was another showcasing of Oda’s brilliant story telling.


This was going back to where it all began, so you know shit was getting real.

We were actually given a small taste of it during episode 700, but this time round the entirety of the episode was dedicated to giving us, the viewer, more context.

We were basically thrown years back to a much more brutish time, to a town called Spider Miles in the North Blue where Law was still a (10-year old) snot-nosed brat and Donquixote family were really…



I think some of them looked cooler then though, except Doflamingo, he looked exceptionally retarded. No idea why? That’s what crossed my mind when I first saw him. Good to know that once an ass always an ass!

34055-One Piece 701 Cover


Based on the events from the previous episode, we know Law wants to join the family because he has nothing else to live for and he’s out for blood, doesn’t matter who’s it is, cause YOLO. However though, he’s unable to get in cause the executives seem to have deemed him unfit, but Doffy see’s potential. Explains why they basically never killed him yet, cause knowing Doffy, he’d kill anything that’s of no use.



Enter Corazon, Doffy’s younger (blood) brother and someone current Law admires so much, who’s a mute and hates kids (conveniently). He seems to especially hate younger Law cause he kept chucking the little shit out of the base onto the scraps of metal surrounding the base. Don’t know how the hell Law musters the strength to get up every time.

Knowing this, little Law feels like Corazon’s basically saying, “Screw You, You’re Not Worthy!” and he then decides to enact revenge cause maybe, just maybe, this is his way in. However, Doffy warns that if anybody tries to kill a member of his family, they would die by his hand.

Pretty deep up to this point, so now we know:

  • Corazon and Little Law’s relationship is extremely toxic. So where did all current Law’s admiration come from? Something I’m really excited to see.
  • Doflamingo is an ass. Oh no wait, we always knew this.
  • Based on what Law said and IF I remember correctly, Doflamingo was the one that killed Corazon and we still don’t know why?
  • Little Law is really f*cked up, in the head. Why is he so f*cked up?

As we progress further, Little Law still plans to kill Corazon regardless and decides to do it inconspicuously, by making it look like an accident. This opportunity seemingly arose as most of the family were out taking care of business whilst Doffy was cooped up in the base taking a nap.


Now, we jump to the family…

I completely forgot why they were taking out these thugs and I don’t think it was of any real significance. The real story began when Little Baby 5 asked about Little Law and the town of Flevance, where Law came from and this ‘disease’ that he’s supposedly suffering from.

So each member present began to elaborate, and that’s when the flashback hit us.

Flevance was a town that became rich off this white lead it discovered on its land years prior. It was then discovered later on that this lead was toxic to the people who came into contact with it.

So basically all the people of Flevance.

However, the World Govt. and the head honchos of Flevance decided to keep it quiet in order to keep on gettin’ dem cash moneys. It wasn’t long until people in Flevance started getting affected, and the first case (or what was shown to us) was Law’s sister. As more and more people got affected, other countries began to ostracize Flevance and its people, treating their condition as a disease so to speak, and not realizing that it isn’t.

I felt shit for the people of Flevance, I mean they couldn’t even tell people that it wasn’t a disease nor something contagious. What was even more dick, was the fact that the richer communities up and left the rest of the town high and dry during the ostracism.

So, Law’s family were desperately trying to save his little sister, themselves and the rest of the people by trying to find a cure, but this proves fruitless. Reason being was because they couldn’t get any outside help and what they had on the inside was in fact limited!

Thereafter, an extermination gets launched to get rid of this ‘contagious disease’ by killing off the entire town, because killing the entire town is completely reasonable.

Yeah right…

Law’s entire town, his mother, father, friends, and his little sister who he desperately tried to save… died. The whole friggen town!

Imagine how traumatizing that is, to see everyone you know and love killed before you and there’s not a damn thing you could do about it.

Imagine how traumatizing that is for a 10 year old kid to go through. Being the sole survivor of it all! Where do you go from there?

I can see why Little Law is so morbid and f*cked up. He knows he’s going to die, so what the hell?

It was damn sad; I had so many feels for Law. It’s not right for any one to go through such a hardship. There’s no way you can remove scars like that, it’ll never heal.

I’m glad that the guys in the Donquixote family who were telling the story from their point of view, sympathized. If there’s one thing I’d give them, it’s that.

One Piece episode 701

The episode then ends off with Little Law blindsiding and stabbing Corazon, and Little ‘Dasuyan’ Buffalo witnessing it all.

So what’s Little Law’s plan from there? What’s going to happen next? I can’t wait!

I watched the preview for the next episode, and it’s going to be about Doflamingo and his past! How exciting…

I know Oda when it comes to these types of things, he tries to get you to sympathize with the villain but I don’t think I can with Doflamingo to be brutally honest.

I hate him too much, but we’ll see in episode 702!


I’m reviewing that too!

Keep in touch, and don’t forget to drop a comment or like if you want more of this kind of thing or just to show some One Piece Love!


Hard Knock Days – Generations in Exile – One Piece Opening 18

I had to dedicate a post to this! HARD KNOCK DAYS! It’s just too awesome for words. What an opening and the animation fits in so well with it too! I seriously can’t wait for the full version of this track to release. I’ll link you good people up with that as soon as I get it.

Refer to my post on ‘Where to Download Anime Soundtracks…‘ if you’re keen on getting it on your own without waiting for me to link you up.

Official release date is confirmed for the 12th of August.



You’re welcome!

The official mp3 version available here and the official music video is available here!

Special thanks to those beautiful people at Hikari.


Sup people.

I haven’t been on here for a while, and unfortunately won’t be any time soon. So I just wanted to give you guys a quick update.

I’m currently in my third and final year of university and as you can imagine, the workload is ridiculous but I’m learning so much in the process. I literally have no time to myself, no time to watch all the anime I planned to take on this season. I still try to get in the favorites though, but it’s hard nonetheless cause I end up neglecting the others and they just start piling up on my desktop. I’m still trying to get out of that back-log but time is so limited right now.

I had such high hopes this year though, more involvement on Takeover, getting dem reviews out and on time, but shit happens. Thankfully, I’m still just as active on Twitter as always, still posting my two cent thoughts in 140 characters or less. Stop by there to see how I’m doing if you still care… lol.

So…I’m sorry to burden you like this Mr. Wonderful, but keep these good people entertained until my triumphant return some time in the distant future.

Thank you in advance bruh! 🙂

Until next time!


Where can I download Anime Soundtracks and/or Openings?

Look no further because I am here to tell you I found the solution to this very question and it’s not that shitty ripping off low quality from YouTube m’kay, just laying that out there before I begin.

Please also note that this is for those who don’t want to, or for some unknown reason, can’t torrent. It’s basically for people who love direct downloading or who have no other choice. I dabble in direct downloads because my university decided to block torrents and the downloading of them on their networks so I had to find alternative ways.

I’ll also make a post of all the sites I know of where one can direct download high quality anime if you’re all interested, but thaaaaats another post for another day.

Not prepared to read my long ass story? That’s cool, just scroll down to the bottom of my post and you’ll find the link to my awesome discovery there.

So I recently (a year so back, I just never had a blog then, and when I did I totally forgot about the phrase ‘sharing is caring’) found a site that provides us with links (for free, direct download only) to all the full, high quality album ripped openings and official soundtracks of all your favorite anime. No sign-up required, just search, do a bit of clicking here, some downloading there and voila! there you are, jamming to this tune that no one in your nearby vicinity understands lol.

This site is very user intuitive, so even the most basic of users can navigate their way around with ease. Everything is grouped according to seasonal releases if you’re looking for openings, and if you’re looking for soundtracks then all you have to do is search for the title of the show. You can also search based on the artists themselves. I think it also links you to their work outside of anime if I’m not mistaken so that’s a plus for those fan-boys and girls.

As soon as the site opens up on your browser you’re greeted with all the latest releases so it makes it easier to find what you’re looking for especially if you know the date of the official release, because it’ll most probably be on the home page duh! The only catch is that if the anime in question is fairly new then chances are that the official release date hasn’t passed in glorious Japan yet. You can usually expect it to be out a month or two after the anime began airing. Just be patient, at the end of the day it’s all about that crisp quality. You know!


And so, without further ado, I present to you HIKARI NO AKARI OST.

The best anime music downloading site this side of the Interwebs. I want to extend huge thank you to all the creators and contributors of this fine site, you guys helped out so many of us, stay awesome!

Happy downloading!



So, I’m finally on holiday, thank god!

I want to actually push through a few changes to the blog while I have the time. Miniscule changes though, so don’t worry Mr Nsunza, it’s nothing too serious lol.

I’ll also be able to get back on my reviews, I got plenty of content to review as well. I’m actually pretty back-logged with all I have to watch but I’ll manage, cause I’m cool like that, ask everyone I know. xD

Otherwise, that’s about it from me. Stay fancy…

I’m out. 🙂

Anime vs. Cartoons | What’s the Difference?


I feel that truer words haven’t been spoken, the Anime Man makes a solid argument and so do some of the people in the comments section. People need to learn how to be more open-minded and less ignorant, because like he says, you’re just making a fool of yourself at the end of the day.

There’s a difference, so make sure you understand that before bashing something!

Btw, noice Tony Tony Chopper shirt you got there Anime Man. Thumbs up!