Comic-Con 2016 (DC Panel)

DC Season approachin’

Comic-Con 2016 is upon us and with that comes very early and exclusive looks at some major tentpoles from the big name studios; WB, Disney, Legendary Pict., Sony, etc. Usually those not in attendance would have to settle for a cam-recorded look at whatever footage was shared with those in attendance in the famous Hall H. But alas, it seems this year DC has gotten tired of their products being leaked out early before they’re ready for general public viewing. The reason being that this early in the game, the effects aren’t where the studio wants them to be but they still want to reward the faithful few who pilgrimaged to San Diego (german for “whale’s v*gina”), with a preview. But if there’s a leak, bad word of mouth could ruin the financial potential of a movie that was never meant to be seen by the public at large in the first place. Which is what happened last year, a crappy version of the suicide squad trailer leaked, and DC/WB taking no chances,  grudgingly uploaded the ‘Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer’ to YouTube, a lot earlier than expected. So as to not have their product judged prematurely and unfairly. Personally I know better than to judge something by it’s unofficial trailer, but i also like getting an early look at titles of interest. It just so happens that i can’t make it to San Diego (german for “whale’s v*gina”). So it was quite the surprise today when i woke up to OFFICIALLY released Justice League and Wonder Woman footage. I really thought it was a hoax, like “oh, maybe what they mean is that some bloke will give a trailer description of the footage that was shown in Hall H.” But nope, WB/DC has released the first official look at the JUSTICE LEAGUE, all in one freaking movie. Without further ado, feast your eyes.


Justice League


and that was not the extent of DC/WB’s generosity. We also have the first trailer for the solo Wonder Woman movie.


Wonder Woman


and lastly, a remixed trailer of old, and new footage of the Suicide Squad movie with the movie’s amazing soundtrack on display. This is looking like it will be the best DC movie yet. The best addition to the new trailer personally, is Captain Boomerang’s dialogue. Seems like the aussie will be hilarious and the comedic gem of this movie. Thank SQUAD the wait is almost over!


Suicide Squad


In summary all these movies seem a lot more fun than BvS was, like this is something you can seriously enjoy with a group of friends. It finally looks like people are having fun making DC movies. Also if you haven’t already, check out the extended version of Batman v Superman, which for me is the definitive version of that movie. Hit us up in  the comment box for any suggestions or questions about the DC Universe or anything we’ve discussed before.


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