Update V2.0


How you all doing? I hope you’re well cause I’m certainly not…


I’m just super overwhelmed with work so I figured I’d let those who actually read my posts know, that I’m taking a break from writing up One Piece Reviews and/or any other posts indefinitely!


Kudos to those who said I’d never make it. You win. I couldn’t balance school, anime and the blog so I decided to cut one short.


Hence why I called this post “Update v2.0” because it’s an updated version of the previous one I made regarding the same issue.

However, this doesn’t mean I will completely disappear until then it means I will completely disappear. I will will not be posting cool shit I find and writing up something short to accompany it, but the reviews are taking a backseat until then  actually everything is taking a backseat!

The blog is growing and I want to keep it that way. My ‘Where to Download Anime’ and ‘Hard Knock Days’ posts are doing pretty damn well! So I figured that I’d also do more of those kinds of posts in future as well. Yeah, the very far future though!

So until then my fellow Otaku brethren! I’ll be back soon. Well yeah, no.

Keep watching anime or reading manga.

I’m out.



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