Where can I download Anime Soundtracks and/or Openings?

Look no further because I am here to tell you I found the solution to this very question and it’s not that shitty ripping off low quality from YouTube m’kay, just laying that out there before I begin.

Please also note that this is for those who don’t want to, or for some unknown reason, can’t torrent. It’s basically for people who love direct downloading or who have no other choice. I dabble in direct downloads because my university decided to block torrents and the downloading of them on their networks so I had to find alternative ways.

I’ll also make a post of all the sites I know of where one can direct download high quality anime if you’re all interested, but thaaaaats another post for another day.

Not prepared to read my long ass story? That’s cool, just scroll down to the bottom of my post and you’ll find the link to my awesome discovery there.

So I recently (a year so back, I just never had a blog then, and when I did I totally forgot about the phrase ‘sharing is caring’) found a site that provides us with links (for free, direct download only) to all the full, high quality album ripped openings and official soundtracks of all your favorite anime. No sign-up required, just search, do a bit of clicking here, some downloading there and voila! there you are, jamming to this tune that no one in your nearby vicinity understands lol.

This site is very user intuitive, so even the most basic of users can navigate their way around with ease. Everything is grouped according to seasonal releases if you’re looking for openings, and if you’re looking for soundtracks then all you have to do is search for the title of the show. You can also search based on the artists themselves. I think it also links you to their work outside of anime if I’m not mistaken so that’s a plus for those fan-boys and girls.

As soon as the site opens up on your browser you’re greeted with all the latest releases so it makes it easier to find what you’re looking for especially if you know the date of the official release, because it’ll most probably be on the home page duh! The only catch is that if the anime in question is fairly new then chances are that the official release date hasn’t passed in glorious Japan yet. You can usually expect it to be out a month or two after the anime began airing. Just be patient, at the end of the day it’s all about that crisp quality. You know!


And so, without further ado, I present to you HIKARI NO AKARI OST.

The best anime music downloading site this side of the Interwebs. I want to extend huge thank you to all the creators and contributors of this fine site, you guys helped out so many of us, stay awesome!

Happy downloading!



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